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Lemongrass Handmade Soap
Lemongrass Handmade Soap
Lemongrass Handmade Soap
Lemongrass Handmade Soap

Lemongrass Handmade Soap

Owlpure Natural

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Highly Refreshing Natural & Cold Pressed Lemongrass Handmade Soap stimulates your senses & uplifts your energy levels. It is loaded with the pure essence of natural glycerine, lemongrass essential oil & other vegetable & essential oils which removes the dirt & dead skin cells.

Toxic Ingredients we Avoid:

  • No SLS/SLES, Parabens.
  • No synthetic colors & fragrances.
  • No Animal Fats & mineral oils
  • No free Alkalis like Sodium Hydroxide.



Owlpure Lemongrass Handmade Soap cleanses, moisturizes and soothes your skin with the natural beneficiary ingredients it has. The soap contains a super eminent soothing scent that freshens up your morning and creates good vibes around you.

This product consists of qualities of Lemon and Glycerine that not only protects your skin from dryness and marks but it also moisturizes your skin and enhances its glow.




Lemons are scientifically proven to be rich in Vitamin C content and apart from them they also contain many minerals and vitamins beneficiary for the body such as Vitamin B, Fibre, Calcium, Iron, magnesium and potassium.

Lemon juice is considered to be very healthy and improves metabolic health, working of the immune system, enhances mood and boosts energy levels.

In addition to the aforementioned benefits, lemon has many more, which are very beneficial for our body’s overall health.

Benefits of Lemongrass Handmade Soap:

  • Enhances the Skin-Tone: 
Skin tone can be varied due to many reasons such as sunburn, or side effects of cosmetics. Whatever be the reason skin can take back to its original colour with the use of organic substances.

    Lemon is rich in citric acid and thus it acts as a natural bleach and helps to lighten and brighten the skin and to get back its original skin tone.

    • Cures Dry Skin: 
    Dry skin is one of the common issues faced by people especially in winter and dry season. Due to the lack of humidity and proper care skin becomes dry and sometimes it causes damage to such an extent that it starts bleeding.

    Lemon can be used to cure dry skin as well, because of the availability of minerals and vitamins, lemon used along with certain elements such as honey can heal the dry skin.

    • Works on Scars and Age Spots: 

    Scars sometimes leave mark on the skin and then as we age there are few marks on the skin. Skin becomes dull and loses its glow.

    Lemon has vitamins which can work on these scars and enlighten them. It lightens the spots present in the skin and also works on the age spots.

    • Removes Excess Oil: 

    People with oily skin have many troubles, they have to choose cosmetics to be applied on skin very carefully. Also, oily skin attracts more dust and thus there are changes of pores getting clogged.

    Lemon can be used to remove excess oil from skin and also it cleanses the skin to get rid of dust and bacteria causing breakouts such as acne, pimples, and blackheads.

    • Used to fix Discoloured Elbows: 

    People who take the support of their elbow while sitting or studying in a table, their elbows might get dark in colour, or patches may appear. Sometimes due to other external reasons also it happens.

    Lemon can be used to get rid of the discoloured elbow because of the beneficiary properties that it has. It is very simple to use, you only have to rub lemon on an elbow to banish the marks and spots on them.

    • Reduces Wrinkles on skin: 

    Wrinkles are naturally the part of an aging process and as we grow old, the skin loses its elasticity and dries out and is not able to protect itself from outer damage.

    Despite the natural aging process, wrinkles can also be caused due to the effects caused by UV rays on the skin, they destroy the elasticity of the skin and breaks down the collagen.

    Wrinkles on skin whether due to aging or due to UV rays can be reduced with the help of lemon. The acidic properties present in lemon tighten up the skin and increase its elasticity, and thus helps get rid of wrinkles.

    • Moisturizes Chapped Lips: 

    Chapped lips can be caused due to several reasons, such as exposure to humidity during the winter season and overexposure to sunlight in the summer season. It can also be caused due to dehydration in the body or frequent licking of lips.

    Lemon is an exfoliating agent and using it on the chapped lips will help remove dead cells and rejuvenates them to facilitate smooth application of cosmetics on lips.

    • Helps to solve the problem of Acne & Blackheads:

    Excess dirt and pollution clog the skin pores and these clogged pores result in acne and blackheads. Also, sometimes bacteria attack may also cause these breakouts on the skin.

    The anti-bacterial properties present in lemon reduces the effects that result in acne and blackheads. Application of lemon juice on the face can reduce the frequency and effect of blackheads and acne on the skin.



    Glycerol is an organic compound most commonly known as glycerine and has its sources from animal fat or vegetable oil. Glycerine has many benefits and thus it is mostly used in cosmetic Industry and in soaps to balance the source of moisture.

    Glycerine is transparent in appearance and does not have any scent for taste. It is widely used topically on skin and also used in pharmaceuticals.

    Except for the moisturizing power that glycerine has, it also has many other benefits.

    • Smoothens Skin:

    Skin feels dry when not hydrated and moisturized properly, it also happens during dry seasons. Skin thus loses its softness and becomes dull.

    Glycerine helps soothe the skin without making it look greasy or oily and derives moisture from the environment to maintain the amount of water and softness in the skin.

    • Enhances skin’s elasticity: 

    As we age our skin loses its elasticity and thus becomes dull and prone to wrinkles and other effects of aging start appearing on the skin.

    The skin may also lose its elasticity and natural glow due to exposure to an excess of UV rays. These harmful UV rays deplete the collagen level in the skin which ultimately results in the dull and dry skin.

    Glycerine has many beneficiary properties and when mixed with other compounds it works to maintain the elasticity of skin and keeps it youthful. Glycerine has many properties and thus is mostly used in products manufactured for uses on the skin such as soap.

    • Excellent Cleansing Agent: 

    Oily Skin is prone to dirt and dust and is prone to skin related problems such as Acne, Pimples, and Blackheads. The pores in the skin get clogged and thus it results in breakouts on the skin.

    Glycerine has a neutral effect on skin and has many other benefits, thus it acts as an excellent cleansing agent and it can be used to clean excess of oil and dirt from skin, without the skin getting dry or rough.

    • It has Anti-Aging effect: 

    Skin loses its elasticity and glows as the body starts growing. Maintaining good skin health is also very important because of the lack of moisture in skin lessons the protease activity in your skin.

    Lack of moisture thus accelerates the aging process resulting in wrinkles and fine lines on the skin.

    Glycerine is full of beneficiary properties and thus it attracts moisture from the environment and maintains the moisture contents in the skin and slows down the aging process and helps getting rid of wrinkles and fine lines.

    •  Anti-Irritant:

     We use many cosmetics on the skin which consists of a chemical substance that might harm skin in an adverse way.

    Especially in soaps and face washes, they contain an ingredient called sodium lauryl sulfate which could cause irritation on the skin.

    Any other insect or bug bite could also cause irritation, rashes or itches on the skin.

    Glycerine is extremely gentle on skin and does not have any side effects and since it is made up of vegetable substances it is most widely used for treating irritation, and effects caused due to cosmetics such as rashes and itching on the skin.

    • Sterling Toner for Skin:

    Owlpure Lemongrass Handmade Soap comprises organic components and is prepared to keep in mind every skin type, it is free of harmful chemicals that adversely affect your skin.

    It has a refreshing scent which freshens up your morning with the high amount of skin benefits that maintain your skin’s health and glow.

    Owlpure Lemongrass Handmade Soap heals dry skin, maintains moisture content in your skin and prevents the occurrence of breakouts such as acne, pimples, and blackheads. It also protects and heals your skin from effects caused by UV rays.

    How to Use:

    • Apply Owlpure Lemongrass Handmade Soap topically on your skin.
    • Splash some on your palms and produce enough foam before applying on skin.
    • Take soap in your palms and rub it on for 10-15 minutes until there is some foam.
    • Rinse it off once enough foam is produced.
    • Owlpure Lemongrass handmade Soap is only for topical use on the body.



    •  Owlpure Lemongrass Handmade Soap should not be taken by mouth.
    • Keep Children away from their reach.
    • Do not apply in the area near the eyes.
    • Use Owlpure Lemongrass Handmade Soap only topically on the body.
    • Store the product in a cool place or room temperature.
    • Do not put it under direct heat or sunlight.



    Owlpure Lemongrass Handmade Soap is rich in natural substances that work magic on your skin. It rejuvenates your skin cells, removes dirt and dust from skin pores, moisturizes your skin and helps to keep your skin glowing and radiant.

    It has the goodness of Lemon and Glycerine that suits all skin types and soothes your skin. Owlpure Lemongrass Handmade Soap is organic and free of chemicals that destroy your skin completely.

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