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Jojoba Carrier Oil
Jojoba Carrier Oil
Jojoba Carrier Oil

Jojoba Carrier Oil

Owlpure Natural

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The Premium quality Unrefined 100% Pure, Natural & Organic Jojoba Carrier Oil is rich in antioxidants that help to heal rashes, blemishes, chapped lips, stretch marks and more. This oil is Cold Pressed from the simmondsia chinesis seeds in its natural form to retain nutrients & fatty acids that provide maximum healing with the great anti-inflammatory benefits.

  • Unscented & skin friendly oil
  • GMO free– which can accelerate aging, & skin allergies
  • No Parabens & no Additives
  • No synthetic fragrances


Jojoba Carrier Oil is obtained from the seeds of Simmondsia Chinensis plant, which basically is a bush or we can say a woody plant.
Although Jojoba is referred to as oil it actually is Plant Wax, and it has been used for various medicinal purposes among which treatment of bruises and sores is the most common one.
Jojoba Oil is a mixture of beneficiary minerals such as vitamin E, vitamin B complex, copper and zinc and also of iodine in great quantity that gives jojoba oil it’s potential to heal faster.

Characteristics :

Jojoba Carrier oil appears to be golden in colour and has an earthy scent when bought in its purest form whereas if you buy the quality product, the oil appears to be light yellow or colourless and does not contain any scent.
Since Jojoba oil is best for Skin Treatment, it has various benefits, here are some of the proven benefits.



Chapped Lips:

Chapped lips or Cheilitis as they are called scientifically are caused due to the weather change or due to lack of moisture as lips do not contain any oil glands like other parts of the skin. Chapped lips can be characterized by dryness, scales, sores, swelling, cracks, and bleeding.
Owlpure Jojoba Carrier Oil consists of vital substances such as Vitamin C and Vitamin E, and mixing Jojoba Carrier oil with natural ingredients helps you create a variety of lip care products which are purely organic.

How To Use :
Jojoba Oil provides a natural way to simply restore moisture in your chapped lips, so dip your fingers in Jojoba oil and dab it onto your lips. Repeat this process until your lips are healed.
Or Else, if you want a more convenient way to carry Jojoba Oil then you can make your own lip balm naturally following these steps :

  • Take a saucepan and use it to blend 2 ¼ tsp of Jojoba Oil with 2 tsp of Beeswax on low heat.
  • Add 6 drops of a skin-soothing oil such as Lavender Essential oil, carrot seed of grapefruit essential oil to the mixture.
  • Now shift the mixture to another glass container and let cool till the final substance is obtained.
  • Apply this Balm on your Chapped lips to get best results at the earliest.


Acne is a most common skin condition which mostly occurs during puberty in teenage when the sebaceous glands activate and produce oil.
Acne is not restricted to any particular age group and it can happen at any age. It is a condition that causes pimples and spots on various body parts especially face, back, neck, chest, upper arms.
Owlpure Jojoba Carrier Oil consists of a variety of skin beneficiary properties such as anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and moisturizing. Since Jojoba oil is technically a wax, it resembles that of sebum which is the natural oil produced by the skin, and Jojoba oil maintains the sebum level in your skin which ultimately helps reduce Acne and make your skin flawlessly beautiful again.

How To Use:

Apply Jojoba Oil in small amount to your fingertips or soft cotton ball and rub it gently on your skin, it will work as a skin cleanser or you can also use it with another oil, gel or clay face before applying them to your face, to get clear acne free and glowing skin.

Dry Skin and Eczema :

Dry skin is most common in cold weather or winter season when there is lack of humidity, it can also occur due to various other factors such as bathing habits or medical history, or aging.
When dry skin is not cared for it leads to Eczema which is a chronic skin condition which causes dry scaly patches to appear on your skin.
Dry skin and Eczema can make your skin vulnerable and prone to various other skin problems. Which is why it becomes important to provide proper moisturization to the skin.

Owlpure Jojoba Carrier Oil which actually is a wax, acts as sebum which is the natural oil substance in our skin, due to the absence of which our skin dries out. Jojoba Carrier Oil maintains the level of sebum in our skin which helps keep skin moisturized as well as shiny and healthy.

How To Use:

Apply few drops of Jojoba Oil with help of cotton ball in the infected area, use this treatment until the area is damage free.

Sunburn :

Sunburn is skin’s response to the extreme damage caused by UV rays, coming out straight from the sun or from the artificial sun through tanning bed. Any other tan or redness on the skin is the effect caused by UV rays.
Prolonged effect of sun and tanning may lead to sun blisters and peeling of the skin and at high risk, it might lead to Skin Cancer.

Owlpure Jojoba Carrier Oil is rich in Vitamin E, Vitamin B complex and fatty acids which help to soothe the skin, healing and moisturizing the skin. Jojoba Oil is best to apply in the UV rays affected area in the skin, it is a Natural Cleansing Agent.

How To Use :

  • Apply 2-3 drops of Jojoba Oil on the affected area in your skin and massage it gently.
  • Then after some time clean it with a warm wet cloth or else rinse the area with warm water.

    Beautiful Hair :

    Strengthens Hair and Hair Growth : With increased pollution and dust particles in the air and imbalanced diet, hair health is decreasing, which ultimately results in hair fall as well as week hair which have split-ends, roughness, and dullness.
    Jojoba Oil has the goodness of essential vitamins and fatty acids, which will protect your hairs from all environmental damages.
    Jojoba Oil helps regrow and repair the damaged hair with the help of fatty acids present in the oil. It helps make hair stronger, shinier as well as helps maintain the volume of the hair.

    Owlpure Jojoba Carrier Oil is rich in minerals such as Vitamin C, Vitamin B, Vitamin E and copper and zinc that nourishes and provides strength to hair and because of its oily composition it provides moisture to hair follicles, which prevents dryness and ultimately helps prevent hair loss.

    How To Use :

    • Take 1tsp of Jojoba Oil in a bowl for short hair and 2 tsp of oil for long hair.
    • Warm up the Jojoba Oil, for better application on hair.
    • Apply Jojoba Oil above the scalp and work down evenly on the length of hair.
    • Let the magic of Jojoba Oil work on your hair for 20 minutes.
    • Lastly shampoo, condition and rinse your hair properly for best results.
    •  If you are using Jojoba Oil for Dandruff or dry scalp, then apply 1-2 drops of Jojoba Oil directly to the skin.
    • Follow this hair care routine to get best results.

    Makeup Removal:

    Almost Every Makeup Brand contains chemical, which causes harmful effects to the skin, over the time use of it. Application of Makeup is not a big deal but removal of makeup is the toughest part.

    In order to prevent skin from dryness and marks, we use makeup removal creams which contain harmful chemicals which effects skin, but there are some products which could help maintain the glowing skin as well as have less worry while removing Makeup.

    Owlpure Jojoba Carrier Oil is a natural tool to remove makeup, dirt and bacteria’s from your skin, you can also use it to remove eye makeup as it is safe and also hypoallergic. Jojoba Oil is rich in Vitamin E content and helps eradicate free radicals as well as dryness of the skin.

    How To Use :

    • Take a cotton ball and add few drops of Jojoba Oil to it, then wipe over your face and eyes.
    • Use more cotton if you apply more makeup to your face.
    • When all traces of makeup are removed from the face, rinse your face with water.
    • Wipe off your face with damp cloth or cotton ball.
    • At last, apply a drop or two of Jojoba Oil on your face.


    Jojoba Carrier Oil is obtained from Simmondsia Chinensis plant. Jojoba is used for numerous medicinal purposes among which bruises and sores treatment is the most common one. It is a mixture of beneficiary minerals like vitamin E, vitamin B complex, copper and zinc and also of iodine in high quantity that provides jojoba oil, the actual potential to heal in a faster rate. A jojoba Carrier oil is golden in color and has an earthy scent. But Owlpure jojoba oil is light yellow in colour and does not contain any scent because of its purest form. Jojoba oil works as a wonder for Skin Treatment, hair treatment, makeup removal and most importantly preventing from infections.

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